Foodies and scientists alike will appreciate Stone’s informative and entertaining book.
— Publisher's Weekly

The Food Explorer

From Daniel Stone, the bestselling account of the adventures of American food spy David Fairchild, who introduced hundreds of crops—including avocados, mangoes, and dates—to a hungry country.

Daniel Stone draws the reader into an intriguing, seductive world, rich with stories and surprises. The Food Explorer shows you the history and drama hidden in your fruit bowl. It’s a delicious piece of writing.
— Susan Orlean, New York Times bestselling author of The Orchid Thief and The Library Book
Move over, Anthony Bourdain. Here is a story about a profligate world traveler with a discriminating palate. A delightful tale of science and wanderlust.
— Hampton Sides, New York Times bestselling author of Blood and Thunder
Stone is an amiable narrator who balances botany, culinary history and travelogue with fast-paced adventure writing and a well-drawn cast of characters.
— Wall Street Journal

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